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Simone Atkinson, the visionary founder of Kids-Friendly Tours, LLC, drew inspiration from her personal challenges as a military spouse and mother of two. Fueled by a love for travel but hindered by restrictions during her husband’s deployments, Simone grappled with the logistical complexities of exploring new destinations with young children in tow. Concerns about strollers, solo adventures, and navigating family-friendly experiences abroad left her feeling stuck. Recognizing that many others faced similar limitations, Simone envisioned a solution. Kids-Friendly Tours was born, aiming to break down barriers for single parents and those navigating solo travel due to their partner’s work commitments. Simone’s mission is to empower parents to reclaim their wanderlust, proving that the joy of exploring the world doesn’t have to be sacrificed on the journey of motherhood.

Simone acknowledges the desire for experiences that may not always align with traditional “kid-friendly” activities. Recognizing the need for parents to enjoy moments tailored to their individual preferences, Simone has dedicated the past year to extensive research and cultivating partnerships with trusted nannies worldwide. With Kids-Friendly Tours, every itinerary is thoughtfully crafted to include a dedicated adult day, allowing parents to indulge in activities that may not be suitable for children. By offering reliable nanny services, Simone ensures that parents can explore, relax, and savor moments designed exclusively for them, fostering a perfect balance between family adventures and personal enjoyment.

Our Vision

We envision Kids-Friendly Tours becoming a global leader in family travel, pioneering innovative solutions for parents seeking seamless and enriching adventures. Our long-term vision includes expanding the company’s reach to a multitude of destinations, ensuring that families worldwide can experience the magic of travel with tailored itineraries.

We aim to establish Kids-Friendly Tours as a go-to platform for families, not only providing meticulously curated travel experiences but also becoming a trusted resource for parental travel concerns. We envision the company continually adapting to evolving family dynamics and preferences, offering diverse and inclusive options for single parents and those navigating solo travel due to work commitments.

Furthermore, we are committed to fostering a vibrant community within Kids-Friendly Tours, where families can connect, share experiences, and support each other. We aspire to create a platform that goes beyond being a travel service, becoming a lifestyle brand synonymous with empowering parents to explore the world without compromising on their individual passions and desires.
In summary, our long-term vision for Kids-Friendly Tours is to revolutionize family travel, providing comprehensive, inclusive, and empowering experiences that resonate with parents globally.

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